We collaborated with Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) and created the Socks That Give Hope Collection to help bring hope to individuals going through emotional crisis and mental struggles while raising awareness about how important it is to create support for them. This is the story behind that collection.

A lot of the time, society makes us feel that we need to have certain expectations of ourselves. That we need to follow certain milestones, or have certain appearances or skills. Because of this, we end up comparing ourselves with other people, and measuring our worth with those standards.

We want to remind people that it’s important to live life at your own pace. All of us have different experiences, and all of us go through life in our own time. That’s why if things might look dark now, they will definitely get better. We collaborated with Samaritans of Singapore to create The Socks That Give Hope collection that can help people talk about these struggles and give them hope.

Of flowers and silver linings

The reason that we chose sunflowers is a pretty unique one. Did you know that sunflowers are a symbol of hope? No matter where they are planted, they always find some way of turning towards the sun. We found that inspiring, because it reminded us to always look at the bright side of things even if we might be in a dark spot.

That’s also why we have the cloud with the silver lining. There’s always something good about a situation, even though it might look bleak. The Hope and Sunflowers Sock inspires us to have patience and take it easy. With the message ‘Bloom in Your Own Time’ that is right at the toes of the sock, we want it to be a little reminder for you.

Creating awareness by creating conversations

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) provides confidential emotional support to individuals facing a crisis, thinking about or affected by suicide. Their goal is to be an available lifeline to anyone in crisis, and they do that through counselling, running 24-hour hotlines and offering crisis support.

The topic of suicide is still a taboo in several parts of the world. SOS runs several campaigns and projects to address suicide in a responsible and sensible manner so that people don’t feel trapped by the stigma and are able to reach out for help so they can get the help they need. That’s why we think it’s important to begin conversations about mental health, and we hope that The Socks That Give Hope collection can do just that.

To help raise awareness about mental health issues, Talking Toes donates $1 from the sale of each sock from the Socks That Give Hope collection to Samaritans of Singapore in support of their efforts in suicide prevention.

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August 10, 2022 — Internship Talking Toes