We collaborated with The Animal Project and created The Socks that Empower People on the Autism Spectrum to work with and support artists on the autism spectrum. This is the story behind that collection.

According to the Autism Resource Center (Singapore), autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects a person’s ability to make sense of the world and relate with others. They estimate that around 1% of Singapore’s population has autism. Despite there being so many people in Singapore, there’s a huge stigma where people on the autism spectrum are thought to be incapable of working and becoming financially independent. The Autism Resource Center states that this is untrue, and that with ‘right training, placement, and support, people with autism can work and be productive.’

The Animal Project (TAP) is an amazing example of that. The artists that they work with are all on the autism spectrum, and each sale that they make goes directly to the artist’s income. We wanted to raise awareness about this initiative, and do our part in creating a more inclusive world. That’s why we worked with TAP to create this collection.

Intuitively, without inhibition

Our socks from this collaboration were designed by Jun-Yi, an artist with special needs from The Animal Project. He loves to draw animals, and this time he drew giraffes and penguins. He sketches quickly and swiftly, with a black marker pen, and is able to draw out interesting facial expressions and interactions of the animals he creates. Jun-Yi’s cheerfulness spreads to his vibrant artwork, and he’s able to bring joy to everyone around him!

Creating a kinder, more inclusive world

The Animal Project is a social enterprise that works with artists with special needs. We wanted to work with these kids and support them. 10% of the gross profits from these socks go to the Autism Resource Center (Singapore), to help them create equal opportunities for people on the autism spectrum.

By creating these opportunities, people with autism can get full-time jobs and are able to work at places they can truly shine. Financial independence is a huge part of being able to gain control of your life, and to be able to pursue your goals and dreams.

August 10, 2022 — Internship Talking Toes